What Should We Consider When Choosing a Meeting Table?

What Should We Consider When Choosing a Meeting Table?

One of the first questions that come to mind during the research processes of companies about the meeting table is "What should be the dimensions of the meeting table?". However, the first question usually asked for company owners is "how many types of large meeting tables do you have in your store?". Because they usually want to choose large meeting tables. But the only way to find out if this is the right decision for them is to ask buyers the right questions as sellers and direct them to the right tables.

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So what are these questions? We have compiled these questions for you;

There are stereotypes of choosing the right table in offices. One of the stereotyped foundations is to draw the floor plan and to take a few photos of the office taken in a wide plan to position the table correctly. If you do not have time to deal with a detailed calculation, you can also act on the following logic;

For example, the dimensions of the meeting table that you will place in the middle of a 4 × 4-meter room should be 2 × 2 meters. The table, which will be positioned at an equal distance from all walls, will provide a seating and movement area.

After the office size and shape are calculated, according to the customer's wishes, store creates a table. However, there is a more important point to be considered before design or selection; This important point is obviously office's needs.

Therefore, before choosing a meeting table, some questions should be asked. These questions are as follows:

How many people should your meeting table offer seating space?

Does it need connection?

Should the table have a central point that sees the room or surroundings?

Will you use your table for mutual communication or for work?

Which shape do you prefer your table to be? (round, rectangular or oval)

Is the time taken to produce the table you have chosen important to you? (If you need it in a short time, options are limited, if there is no time limit, many more options can be offered.)

Asking and answering these questions will be the main source of help in choosing the most suitable meeting table for you. If you want to find the right meeting table for your office; You can have the Meeting Table you want by contacting Ardeko Office Furniture.